Meet Klara

KlaraKlara is a talented three times Olympic athlete. World championship medalist. Microbiologist, PhD student in Natural sciences, Weight Loss expert and coach. Her achievements are the proof – personally and professionally – what Klara can help you accomplish. She will help you lose weight without struggle, she will empower YOU to live a healthy lifestyle and will help you to identify and overcome your old paradigm.

KlaraM has education and training in holistic nutrition, who specializes in Permanent Weight Loss through Mind/Body/Spirit connections. She is also A Proud Partner of The Swat Institute, The Most Empowering Program For Women In This Century. She created an incredible 100% natural Weight Loss System that in very gentle, but effective way guides you toward your goal of weight loss, better health and relationship improvement.

She will guide you, lead you through your weight loss journey. She will help you to correct your eating habits and will give you strength to continue along your path, even when you have no strength or will power left. That means that you will finally live the life you deserve.

“Lasting Natural Weight Loss is within YOUR Reach. It’s a by product of a deeper healing!”


“I am so grateful and excited that you found me and stopped by. I want you to know, that I have been where you are and I know how you feel. It can be painful and I imagine you may have many doubts, but I can assure you that you were not born to struggle with food, you were not born to live in pain, guilt and you were not born to play it small. You deserve more, you really do. I was there too. Beside all sport achievement, medals and titles I had strong body image concerns and lack of self esteem. I had general anxiety about being ‘good enough’, being attractive and feminine, even I was at the top of my sport career and in perfect shape. I was playing roles of perfect athlete, perfect student, perfect daughter, perfect lover. I know this now. At the time I thought that my life is driven by happy or unhappy coincidences and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Sounds familiar?

At the end of my sport career I gained 30 pounds within a year. I didn’t want to play anymore the image of perfect, strong, beautiful Klara that is not in alignment with herself. I just wanted to be me. I did the inner work, I dug deep within and wounded me come to the surface where I could finally make peace with her. After founding the way that healed my spirit and unified my fragmented self, my eating disorder and weight issues disappeared. I decided to show my gratitude in transforming my blessing into my mission. You are not an exception, everyone deserves and can live their own life in freedom, authenticity and fulfillment. It is my mission to show you how to do it. I will provide you Most Efficient Skills in Weight Management to Overcome Binge Eating, Self Sabotaging and Food Struggle. I am determined to make your Weight Loss Journey Pleasant and in the Spirit of discovering The Real Authentic You.”

“You already know it that is much more than food! Please step into your power and start living to your full potential. And always remember, when you bet on yourself you always win! You matter!”