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Welcome you to I’m Klara M and I’ll show you how to lose weight naturally and will be your guide throughout your Weight Loss Journey. I believe that as free individuals we have the ability to decide how we will live our lives! You might already know which choices are right for you, but maybe you don’t know how to get unstuck from the weight and food struggle. I’m here to help you to find Your True Self and you will slim down naturally to your Ideal Weight.

Below you can find out how you can reach what was meant for you since you were born: Feeling at Peace and Confidence within Your Body. To get the benefits of the Compost Weight Loss programs BEGIN HERE:


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If you are ready to discover why the last weight loss program or diet didn’t last and how to obtain a permanent weight loss with an exclusive self-paced program, then you’re ready to join the True Self Weight Loss Membership Program. This program provides you with weekly lessons and assignments which will help you to get rid of your unhealthy habits and lose weight in alignment with your goals. To discover HOW you will lose weight with my Membership program CLICK HERE.

Get in Balance and Connect with Your True Authentic Self

“Designing Your Compost – Tele Course” is the perfect mentoring program if you are not treating your body and your spirit as they deserve, because you have forgotten who you really are. Embracing what is, in the warmth of your home you will be guided by me once a week to discover your true desires and lose weight naturally. This powerful program will have an impact in all aspects of your life, not only in the physical one. For more info about Designing Your Compost Telecurse CLICK HERE!

Learn How to lose Weight with my Private VIP Coaching Program

If you are ready for the MOST PERSONAL and ADVANCED WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGIES and want me to help you master your thoughts, emotions, and coping methods, then you’re ready for VIP 3 – 6- or 12 month coaching program.
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