Free Flu Shots Available At CVS And Walgreens: Unemployed & Uninsured Job Seekers Eligible For No-Cost Flu Vaccine

The seasonal flu is touted by the Center for Disease Control to be a predicted pandemic across America, leading to numerous illnesses as well as unfortunate fatalities. The CDC has recommended certain priority groups to be amongst the first to get vaccinated, including pregnant women and children over the age of six months.

Individuals without a form of income due to unemployment may have a much harder time affording the $24.99 seasonal flu shot price tag that has been placed on protecting oneself against the 2009 influenza seasonal flu.

According to the Bloomberg News article “CVS, Walgreens to Offer Free Flu Shots to Unemployed,” reporter Carol Wolf describes how America’s two largest drugstore chains plans to lessen the financial impact on job seekers across the country by providing free seasonal flu shots to thousands of unemployed individuals.

CVS / Caremark Corporation Offers Free Influenza Vaccination

CVS, according to Wolf, did a study showing that only one-third of unemployed people received a flu vaccination last year, compared to nearly half of all other Americans. In an effort to boost these numbers, CVS has allotted 100,000 influenza shots to be distributed free of charge to the unemployed and uninsured. These vaccinations are valued at nearly $3 million.

Walgreens Effort to Increase Flu Shot Recipients

Along the same lines as CVS, Walgreen will also be offering free seasonal flu shots to the unemployed and uninsured as well. Walgreens contribution will be providing about one-third of the amount of free flu shots that CVS will provide, with an approximate value at $1 million.

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Free Flu Shots Decrease Flu Symptoms and Outbreaks

Walgreens and CVS’ program to offer free flu shots to unemployed Americans worldwide will reduce the occurrences of the seasonal flu. With fewer outbreaks, unemployed and uninsured Americans will reduce the number of doctor visits, which can cost more in the long run.

Down time due to symptoms of the seasonal flu, such as fever, body aches, headaches, vomiting, cough, and stuffy nose, can interfere with a job-seeker’s search for employment as well.

The flu shot that is being offered by CVS and Walgreens to the unemployed and uninsured are for the seasonal flu, and does not protect against the H1N1 swine flu. The swine flu vaccination is a separate vaccination that should be available around mid-October.

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