Is this program designed for men or women?

This program is designed for persons who have tried many diets in the past, are not in love with food and are looking for the natural healthy solution for losing weight. The truth is that weight loss concepts are equal for both men and women. The only difference is that female body needs less calories than males. Anyway this program is not about counting calories it is about learning how to recognize your real physical hunger and much more than that.

In short, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. If you want to lose weight permanently and don’t want to be concerned about your weight again, then this program will get you there. Don’t forget that a permanent weight loss is a life journey.

Who is this program exactly for?

NOAW 2014 weight loss program is for you if you are sick and tired of all the Fad diets and programs that are out in the media and that quite simply don’t work. It works with clients who are willing to take responsibility for their own health and life and are not looking again for a “quick fix”. The benefits of this program will work with persons who are open to accept new approaches to weight loss and are in contradiction with many marketing weight loss programs out there. Always remember that Diet industry is having in mind its own, primarily gainful interest, not your personal one.

How it works?

I have created a system to teach you how to live your life and have weight comes off as a result of focusing on balance in your inner world and not seeking for solutions in the outside world. In my program you are not going to get a prepared menu and exercise plan. You will be guided how to listen to your body’s needs and consequently make the correct and healthy choices for YOU! I can tell you what I eat and what I do for movement but that’s not helpful for everybody. One size program doesn’t fits all. We have different lifestyles, metabolism, digestive system and stress levels. You will be educated on the effects that specific food groups have on the physiology of your body. More you will reconnect your body to your spirit, easier you will reach your ideal weight and live a life in freedom, without calorie counting and without scales.

Who can not benefit from this program?

Anyone looking for a quick fix or who is not committed to long term change would not find my approach suitable. Quick fix in terms of drastic diets and exhausting workouts are not what Compost weight loss is about. I could offer you this, but in this way you are forced to rely on me for a life time. I want you to be autonomous after you finished my course.

A gradual process over time is what I find works best but it requires consistency and dedication in order to achieve results. Throughout Compost Weight Loss program you will dig into the real reasons why your body is holding on the excess weight. If you are not willing to look at you, not only at your body, but at your Compost with curiosity and honesty than you will be disappointed with my program.

Do I need to join a gym or can I do the workouts at home?

Compost Weight Loss program is designed to fit into your lifestyle and is not based on “Need to and Have to”. Every person is unique with own needs, desires and life purposes. How would be if a mom with 3 little children had to run every day for an hour for getting her ideal size? She can run if she chooses this type of exercise she loves and relaxes her, but there is no need. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or hire an expensive one-on-one trainer with Compost Weight Loss program. I will show you the exercises and motivation tips that are effective for body shaping and you can do it with been cans in your home place. The exercise you choose depends on your goals and it should not be stressful or a torture for you!

Does this program include any particular diet? Can I eat the foods I normally eat?

Haven’t you tried enough diets until today? Diet plans are based on deprivation and I want you to live in abundance not in lack. You will eat what you will choose to eat. The only difference is that you will be aware of how is specific food affecting your fat storage, mood and thinking, which in consequence will influence your choices. You will make an inquiry on the eating habits you have and you will adjust them in alignment with your goal to lose weight.

Is Compost program affordable, what does it cost?

As we are human beings with different personalities, we also differ in the methods we use for learning and succeed. Some of us just need the first push and then go with the inertia force; others need more support to stay on track. I have created different price range programs inside the Compost Weight Loss System to make it affordable for you. You can benefit and choose between FREE Weight Loss Jump Start session personally with me, Membership program, Personal One-on-One coaching programs and LIVE Online group course. Because I really want you to have the life and freedom you deserve I have figured out payment plans in the way that money can’t be the obstacle for your success. For this reasons Compost weight loss program is absolutely affordable and is in the alignment with my personal philosophy to be committed to your success!

What makes Compost Weight loss program different than other weight loss offerings? What makes this Program unique?

The advantage of Compost weight loss is that recognizes that overcoming resistances is the key to the permanent and successful weight loss. Many programs are based on general plans and are designed that you fail. If you don’t or can’t follow their program, they insist the problem rests within you. This only erodes your self-esteem, leaving you worse off than when you started. Compost Weight Loss teaches that every belief and behavior currently operating in your life can serve you to know your Compost better and invites you on exploration and transformation through a compassionate lens.

What exactly is about Compost Weight Loss program?

Compost weight loss program is based on building the trust to listen to your inner voice on what is best for you through creating connections between your body mind and spirit. The aim of the program is that you naturally begin to align with your Compost and always make choices from this perspective after softening your resistances.

Compost Weight Loss is in the first place a personal growth process, with weight loss being the natural outcome of this focus. Personal growth, higher awareness and new skills will replace your long-standing coping mechanisms that led you to gain weight. Losing weight without doing this inner work from my point of view is pointless. Balance in all realms of you is essential for a healthy, slim body and your freedom.

Will it work for me?

In Compost weight loss there is no a quick fix. No weight loss program will work unless you are committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and life-style.

If you are totally serious about losing weight, then it will most certainly work for you. Like any procedure there can be no absolute guarantees. The most important factor for guaranteeing results is the understanding that you have to work the program. The program works, but only if you work it. I will coach you through each session and make ongoing recommendations but much of the success depends on you and your willingness to follow through. However, Compost Weight Loss Program has been proven to be effective with many clients.

Do you address nutrition and fitness?

When you are focused on the diet, exercise and counting calories, you are not seeing the inner reasons that are the real cause of your extra weight. Most of my clients are already saturated with information about what to eat and how much to exercise and their gap isn’t with knowing what to do, but rather, doing it. This is the part of my work I like most, because seeing overcoming the resistances, followed by natural release of weight in my clients is worth all my efforts. Through the program you will definitely learn about nutrition, exercise and healthy eating habits.

How much weight I will lose?

This program works if you work it. There are no magic instant tricks and there is nobody that can do the Compost weight loss process instead of you. It is all about your decision. Your success is my commitment. I will do everything to be honest and make your Compost weight loss journey pleasurable and that fits on your skin and. With this program you can loose all your excess weight and keep it off.

Why do I need a weight loss coach?

The influences have slowly eroded our healthy choices, replacing quality nutrition with convenient refined food full of chemicals. Achieving goal weight is a process that involves getting clear what you really want. When choosing One-on-One coaching you get clear on what you want is in alignment with your personal “why” and then making good consistent choices to get there. It also involves learning some important lessons and developing successful habits that help you enjoy the journey. Compost One-on-One coaching can be a great help in the process, because it provides the clarity, the focus, and the structure of weekly support calls, to keep you on track.

I’m on medications for diabetes/ high blood pressure/heart conditions. Can I still consider your program?

Yes, this program it’s gentle and incremental so there are no extremes that can trigger health issues. The mindfulness, stress-reduction and body awareness techniques you’ll learn in the Compost Weight Loss process will make you feel better, which is positively affecting your health. When you are under medical cure, you should continue with regular medical check ups and Compost Weight Loss is not a replacing method for any medical advice or cure.

What is a Compost Coaching session?

This is the most personalized form of Compost weight loss program. A coaching session is a personal talk with me over the phone or skype, where I guide you through the process of discovering your most intimate resistances and struggles with your weight and much more. It is convenient, intimate and effective. When we come to the weight loss I need you to be sure that all the know-how is already within you. You just need a supportive, dedicated partner to facilitate your process of accessing your own wisdom. During those sessions you will enlighten your beliefs and behavioral patterns and you will find the clarity and power to act. Clients typically report a renewed interest and even excitement about their weight loss efforts, completing their sessions in a better frame of mind and with more energy than when they started.

How often do we meet for Compost Coaching?

After a FREE jump start session we will determine how many sessions are needed for you to get the best results. The Coaching Format includes at least 12 sessions of coaching over a 3–6-12 month period. This way you can work through issues as they show themselves. We will meet once a week.

What is the difference between in-person and phone coaching sessions?

There is no difference in the effectiveness since energy always follows intent, so…..it has infinite possibilities about how it travels and heals! The coaching process is often done over the Phone or Skype as I work with clients from all over the world. It is convenient, intimate and effective as it is in – person session.

What happens when I reach my weight goal?

Once you attain your goal weight, you can join our maintenance program. During Compost Weight Loss the change within your thinking and your body will be slow and steady. When you will lose weight it will be the natural consequence of new you and it will not be something that can be taken away, because the success of your weight loss will be exclusively yours. You are afraid of maintenance phase because after every diet you gained all the weight back, but through the Compost Weight Loss program you will learn empowered thinking and eating habits for life. We have created also maintenance program that will help you to stay on track with the tribe of your Compost Weight Loss Journey.

Can your program help me if I lose weight easily, but can’t keep it off?

Completely. This is the right place to be. If you have lost your weight in appropriate manner than you don’t need to be afraid about to keep it off. Reach me today and schedule your FREE Weight Loss Jump Start Session to discuss about how I can help you with the maintenance phase.

Can I do the program whilst breastfeeding?

Yes! Compost Weight Loss program is breastfeeding safe, because it do not set calorie restrictions on your eating diet. It is a personalized program and I suggest you One- on –One Compost weight loss sessions to make your weight loss journey stress less as much as possible. I would not do anything to deprive you and your breastfeeding baby from the many benefits and the wonderful experience that breastfeeding offers!

Can I do the program if I am pregnant or wanting to fall pregnant?

Weight loss during pregnancy is not advisable and is recommended strictly under medical supervision. If you are pregnant or breast feeding I suggest you One-on-One coaching session with me to be sure that your baby won’t feel any deprivation while you are changing your eating habits.

Getting in shape is especially important if you’re planning to get pregnant. Carrying excess weight around while you’re pregnant will make you feel uncomfortable and is dangerous for developing diabetes in your baby. Use your future pregnancy as the motivator to lose weight. Compost weight loss is appropriate because it is not a drastic program and even you get pregnant while you are in our program, it won’t harm your baby.